The new corporate culture

There is a term that stands for trade, trust, quality and reliability: the Business Hanseatic Alliance. Its members are fully committed to these values, as they typify an indispensable part of their modern corporate philosophies and provide the basis for their business relations. This international network will stand out as a counterpoint to economic crisis and impairment, and it will prove strong, exceptional and unique.

The founders, all of them Hanseatic citizens and honorable merchants of the modern age, rely on added value by means of networking, personal contacts, and the good old and well-proven values, where a handshake, honorableness and a word are the basis for trade action.

The codex

The original commercial Hanseatic League teaches us values that our society craves today. The members of the new Business HANSE sign the following Hanseatic pledge:

"As member of the Business Hanse

  • I accept the ethical principles of the honourable businessman as trust, reliability, fairness, honesty and handsale
  • I commit to social and socially minded responsibility
  • I stand in for sustainablilty and fair competition"

Let‘s use these values together!